EMF Inspections

“I have no doubt in my mind that at the present time the greatest polluting element in the earth’s environment is the proliferation of electromagnetic fields.”

– Robert O. Becker, M. D., Orthopedic Surgeon


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Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) in the home comes from three main sources:

High frequency EMR, magnetic fields and dirty electricity. Read on to learn more!

High Frequency EMR

Gigahertz EMF meter

Gigahertz EMF meter

Many common devices function in the 800 MHz and higher range. These include cell phones, microwave ovens, cordless phones, wireless routers and baby monitors. Cell phone towers and antennas also use these     frequencies.

During the inspection, we will measure sources of this high frequency EMR within the home and record readings that are elevated. During the visit, we will explain what these readings mean, where they are coming from and how to mitigate radiation from these sources.

After the visit, we will provide a written report that documents our findings and provides solutions that you can implement in your home. In addition, we can come back after corrections have been made to re-measure your home.


 Magnetic fields

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Power lines and appliances can create strong magnetic fields in the house. Studies have linked populations living near power lines with an elevated risk of leukemia. We will measure the magnetic fields present in your living space so that you can have the information you need.






Dirty Electricity

Dirty electricity

Dirty electricity

Many devices such as computers, dimmer switches, CFL light bulbs and televisions use electricity in short bursts as opposed to a continuous flow. These devices chop up the flow of electricity and introduce electromagnetic interference that piggy backs on the electric current in your wires. Dirty electricity has been linked to a wide variety of health problems. We will measure the levels of dirty electricity at each outlet and correct most problems that we find during the visit.





Our complete home inspection checks your home for sources of EMR and dirty electricity

We will:

Stetzer meter

Stetzer meter

• Measure your entire house with specialized meters

• Identify, measure and record all sources of high frequency EMR, magnetic fields and dirty electricity

• Correct most sources of dirty electricity

• After the visit, provide a comprehensive report with background information, detailed findings and solutions for any identified problems.

• Return to re-measure problem areas after they have been corrected (optional).

• Explain our procedures and answer any questions

• Provide handouts with information you can share with your friends and family

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